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Beginning March, 2010, the Commission has established this site as its official web presence. Here you will find basic information about the Commission, the downloadable complaint form that may be filled out electronically, as well as information on who we are and how we're structured.

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Who is on the JQC?

There are 15 members of the JQC. Go to the Members Page. Two must be district court of appeal judges chosen by all the judges of the 5 district courts. Two must be circuit court judges chosen by all the judges of the 20 judicial circuits. Two must be county court judges chosen by all the judges of the 67 county courts. Four must be registered voters who also are lawyers, chosen by the Board of Governors of The Florida Bar. The final five must be non-lawyers who are registered voters, chosen by the Governor.

How is the JQC Structured?

The JQC is divided into two panels, an "investigative panel" that acts much like a prosecutor, and a "hearing panel" that acts much like a panel of judges reviewing the case. Judges accused of misconduct often are represented by a private attorney.

You can find more Frequently Asked Questions and case-related information, along with other Commision information on the Florida Supreme Court JQC page.